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About Defined

Hey there! 

How are you defined?

Some people define themselves by where they’re from.
Some by where they belong. 
Some feel defined by the job they do. 
Some by how they treat other people.
Some by their relationships either romantic or with family, friends.
Some define themselves by how they look or how they perceive themselves.
Some define themselves by how old their body is; others by how old they feel.
Some might hold onto their labels with pride. 
Some might feel held back by labels assigned to them. 
Some people define themselves by their past, their supposed successes or assumed failures.

How would you define yourself?

Introvert or extrovert? Optimist or pessimist? 

I’m Juliette Burton, I’m defined as a comedian. I’m from Cambridge. I live in London. I never used to feel like I belonged. Then I started the best relationship of my life… with my audiences. Now I belong on stage. 


I wanted to find out more about my audiences, get to know you all a little more deeply. I realised on tour around the UK and the world that my audience members might look and sound different in different places but they have so much in common as individuals. How amazing would it be if we could start celebrating our differences while feeling united by our similarities?
How would you define yourself in 5 words?
Click on a word or phrase to see which towns have people who define themselves by that word or phrase! See how similar we are!


I also noticed on tour how amazing different places can be. I wanted to find out – which place defines itself as the most friendly? Or is most proud of its great food? Which place is happiest or kindest or most historic? 
How would you define the place you live in 5 words?

Click on a word or phrase to see which towns have been defined with that word or phrase!


Come see the live show ‘Juliette Burton: Defined’ to find out! Back on tour in autumn 2020.


I thought about definitions a lot in my show ‘Juliette Burton: Defined’. In the past I’ve defined myself by my mental illnesses. Having been sectioned under the mental health act and having been diagnosed with 12 conditions and having talked about it openly in my comedy for years I’ve felt liberated by being given the language with which to talk about my invisible illnesses but I’ve also felt like sometimes people see a label and that’s all they see. 

I never want anyone to feel as alone as I’ve felt in the past with my mental illnesses. You are not alone. We are always more connected, more loved, more valued than we realise. There is always hope.

For more on me please visit www.julietteburton.co.uk

I now work closely with a number of charities to raise awareness and champion real change for people living with mental illness. I’m proud to be an ambassador for ReThink Mental Illness and recommend Mind, B-Eat, SANE, Beyond Shame Beyond Stigma, OCD UK, Bipolar UK and more to help you through your mental health challenges.

These charities in turn need your help too. Please donate to these charities if you can to help them provide vital help for those struggling to live with mental illness.


We’re always more connected than we realise! And you are not alone. So get in touch and ask me anything! 


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