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Posh people on bikes mostly

You’ll always see bicycles crash

Driver’s nightmare: bikes are everywhere

People moaning about the bikes

History of Smart Funny People

Home of Anglia Ruskin University

Too expensive, move to Ely

Really very almost Fenland. Almost.

Misogynistic; stuck in 1958, cows

Posh, punting, smelly river, Heffers

Poverty privilege: city of extremes.

Inwardly snobbish, behind closed doors.

Unfeeling, Arrogant, Entitled, Dog-eat-dog City

Someone else’s party going on

Posh, rural, university, expensive, quaint

(I’ve never been though!)

Politer than your average place

Bridges over the river Cam

Two good pubs at station

Fell asleep, missed my stop

Like Oxford in many ways

Almost as good as Oxford

Oxford is undoubtedly better obvs

Old, beautiful, nerdy, river, cows


Peacock disguised as a human


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