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In between Sheffield and Corby defined

Underrated, Multi-cultural, Buzzy, Historic, Surprising

Welcoming, chilly, fun, surprising, curry

Diverse, artistic, unappreciated, welcoming, food

In between Sheffield and Corby

The place I call home

A place I call home

It’s the city we’re in

City I was born in

It always smells of weed

Typical midlands mixed friendly town

Leicestah – ooh – yoh – me – duck

Curry, rugby, shopping, football

Bold, beautiful, food, more food

Historic, exciting, treasure trove, friendly

Lovely, ali’s, lovely, town, nice

Kind, beautiful, interesting, nondescript, unstoppable

Crowded, busy, cultural, dirty, noisy

My friend Charlie, her family

City, big, funky, students, buildings

Open, multicultural, fearless, opportunity, change

Historic, beautiful, interesting, busy, friendly

Multi racial, stupid, rule breakers, ethnic, followers

In tier three

The people of In between Sheffield and Corby defined

Dyslexic, Kind, Romantic, Funny, Sensitive

Competitive, loyal, energetic, efficient, sensitive

Father, husband, employee, runner, tired

Determined, funny, loving, sexy, hard-working

Loyal, honest, awesome, kind, caring

Optimistic, caring, smart, loving, organised

Reliable, trustworthy, honest, kind, grumpy

Detailed, stubborn, loyal, friendly, determined

Tall, overweight, talkative, lively, kind

Happy, busy, caring, empathetic, tired

Tall, try to be funny

Fun, kinda smart, friendly, loyal

Older, smilier, wider, curiouser, odder

Deluded, dippy, awesome, intriguing, waiting

Strange, distant, smart, silly, shy

Blonde, blue-eyed, brainy, European, Londoner

Spiritual, kind, funny, silly, ninja

It’s me really, isn’t it?

Active, Sporty, Vegan, Animal lover, Proud Military

Full, happy, comfy, warm