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Lasy I’m very bad at spelling

Juliette Burton is my life!

I am a rebel

37 fringes – will it end?

Overworked, underpaid but still fabulous

Still don’t have a plan

Just gets on with life

Special, special, special, special…SPECIAL

Not definable in five words

Too late to write this

West country boy enjoying retirement

Looking forward to retirement soon

German Londoner living in Edinburgh

Sweet but stressed furless kitten

Like a really tired dog

Nice guy (some assembly required)

Dominant ruler of the world

More of an Empire guy

Strong minded f*cking brilliant babe

Old old old old old


The oldest teenager in town

The greatest support act ever

Not good at counting

An amazing guy lacks girlfriend

I’m having an existential crisis

I am the crab man

Clever, good-looking, sporty, funny, LIAR

F*ckwit, gorgeous, wizard, superfunny, LIAR

Rich, funny, lovable, handsome, LIAR

Practically perfect in every way

Determined to enjoy life fully

I smile on the inside

A big, fat, old bastard

Free for dinner on Friday

Really trying not to fart

Venal, disingenuous, flippant, procrastinating, dissembling

I shit myself in public

My name is John Smith

Sunshine, BO, chocolate, monkey, yes

Man, Scotland, awesome, fun, human, bad-at-counting

Introvert, self-sacrificial, evidential, inquisitive, self-critical

Pedantic, empathetic, psychic, logical, independent

Dog-loving, anarchic, liberal, introvert

Optimistic, kind, supportive, non-judgemental, fragrant

Sex-pest, excitable, thoughtful, funny, impressionable

Smart, cool, sartorial, calm, determined

Multitasker, supermum, unhinged, loyal, indefatigable

Beautiful, funny, loyal, bottom, GAY

Creative, kind, teacher, happy, generous

Idealistic, cynical, tricophobic, lonely, precipistic

Moody, mercurial, volatile, pragmatic, spotaneous


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