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  3. Harrogate


Relaxed. Varied. Green. Welcoming. Compact

Spa, Posh, Yorkshire, Refined, Bettys

Gardens, History, Springs, Emmerdale, Bettys

Bettys bettys bettys bettys bettys

Posh old ladies eating fat rascals

Tunbridge Wells of the north

At least it’s not Leeds

I have never been there

They will all love you

Aged, cold, windy, well heeled, old fashioned

Not York

Posh, hilly, friendly, narrow roads, expensive

Pretty, pretentious, historic, ‘a town’, cold

Lovely, scenic, artistic, varied, curious

Haven’t won, but still trying


Shy, introvert, caring, damaged, loving

Natural rebel

I am past my best

Complex, fun-loving, serious, anxious, loving

Anxious, middle-aged, grey, rushed, here

Warm, friendly, adventurous, caring, abrupt, honest

Agile, arrogant, positive, strategic, steady

Dad, husband, brother, son, friend

Bubbly, friendly, talkative, hard working, passionate


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