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Best place I’ve ever lived

Vibrant, International, Complex, Exciting Entertainment

Changeable, mine, massive, surprising, awe inspiring

I swear it was busier

Expensive, romantic, beautiful, crazy, historic

Too many really expensive houses

Several towns stitched together

Insufficiently close to home counties

Iconic, diverse, exciting, resilient and fun


Best person I’ve ever been

Empathetic, Intense, Nerdy, Complex, Witty

Open-minded, narrow, funny, sociable, grumpy

Live Life For Live Comedy

Caring, loving, funny, crazy, dreamer

Stressed, middle aged, graying, mother

Aggressively confident, energetic sloth

Mostly trying to be positive

Performer, Illustrator, Doubter, Hider, Procrastinator

Very British: just awkward enough

Lazy, impulsive, adventurous, friendly, caring


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