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Curious, contrary, silly, helpful, contradictory defined

MediaCity, Gritty, Regeneration, Urban, Northern.

No it is not Manchester

No it is not Manchester

Don’t forget it’s not Manchester

Better than Manchester, so there!

Good music BUT expensive beer

The place where I live

That’s in Manchester, isn’t it?

Wet! Partially nice, partially shit

Crap chinese buffet. Good venues!

It’s quite similar to Liverpool

It is a beautiful oasis

In the main quite cool

Posh, beautiful, crazy, peaceful, happy

Lowry, Industrial, canal, rainy, welcoming

(p.s. I come from Devon so I don’t really know Salford)

Lowry, crazy, friendly, interesting, loved it

(and I’m from Devon too!)

Posh, beautiful, attractive, enjoyable place

Community, health care, football

Amazing, community, united, happy, together

The Original Dirty Old Town

Salford in Sign Language

(they drew a picture of how to sign Salford!)

Media, tram, manchester, rain, culture

Lowry, wet bridges, Juliette Burton

Home, developing, friendly, trees, Lowry

Wet, shiny, lights, arts, work

Buzzing, arty, earthy, wet, underground

Famous, arty, dodgy, small, different

Diverse, northern, working class, gritty, quays, cool

Gentrified, disappointing, wet, Smiths, crime

The people of Curious, contrary, silly, helpful, contradictory defined

I am introverted as f*ck

Scientist with a great beard

Funny, Irish, Drunk, Paranoid, Dislexic

Quiet, loving, mature, quirky, philosophical

Funny, lovable, drunk, loves Juliette

White middle-aged man thing

Curious, contrary, silly, helpful, contradictory

Kind, loving, hopeful, Liverpool fan

Not good at being concise

Crazy, enjoy life, like laughs

Caring, fun loving, open, sharing, intelligent

Creative, stresshead, SEN teacher, Disney Princess

(6 words but I break the rules)

Unconfident, scared, angry and hopeful

Silly, messy, patient, kind, human

In the moment, absent minded

Stubborn, kind, upbeat, flippant, sturdy

Old, open minded, socialist, creative, literate

Sexy, bright, funny, headstrong, self-centred

Free, fun, fabulous, forty-four, flirty

Tired, content, settled, achey, me

Hilarious, kind, generous, sincere, gregarious

Dwarf-like, generous, devilish, beautiful, best friend